Our Services



Ross Equipment Inc.’s core competency is in warehouse and distribution. Having the product where and when you need it, and at a proper price is the basic goal. That means we have in depth inventories that allow us to ship the entire order the same day. Ross Equipment Inc. accomplishes these goals by being the dominant suppliers of the lines that we handle. That means that we have more inventories in stock that turn faster. Accuracy is paramount so nothing goes out the door unless its triple checked first. Drop shipping is not only acceptable but encouraged.



If you have a large retrofit project but don’t have the option of scaleable labor, or time to get the job done, than let Ross Equipment do it. We are not a service shop. We do three types of installations. The first, covered else where, is prototype installations. The next is installation training and the third is project contract installations. We don’t take on every job, just those that make sense for the customer and Ross Equipment. Call us with your retrofit project.




The prototype process generally has a few complimentary goals. First is to prove-out that the product will fit the application. Second, this trial installation of the product demonstrates the effectiveness of the application. The third function is to develop an installation procedures and instructions that eliminates as much wasted labor as possible while providing a long lasting durable installation. Prototyping will provide enough information to calculate a labor cost for the project, and there-by proving a bankable return on investment for the customer. This is one of the ways our value added support philosophy is demonstrated to you the customer.




If brand labeling is part of your marketing approach, than we can affix your brand label to our packaging. Ross Equipment will provide any barcode standard that you require. Protecting your brand requires companies to use only top quality manufacturers. We use only manufacturers that we would be proud to put our own brand on. This assures that the entire product line we distribute you can be proud to apply your branding to as well.




Ross Equipments involvement in military markets has equipped us with a specialty in military packaging. This allows our vendors to pursue military markets without having to work directly with government regulations; our small business status further enhances that value because of the reduced compliance requirements on small business.