RedDOT Corporation
Red Dot

Red Dot manufactures a full line of HVAC products for the heavy-vehicle market. With both custom and off-the-shelf products as well as a full line of replacement parts for most OEM vehicles on the road or off.

ImageRed Dot Parts Catalog

70 Series Fittings and Related Parts

71 Series Controls Electrical & Refrigerant

72 Series Controls Water and Air

73 Series Blower - Motors - Wheels and Fans

74 Series Receiver Driers

75 Series Compressors - Clutches and Service  Parts

76 Series Evaporator Coils and Heater Cores

77 Condensers - Passive and Powered

78 Series Hoses and Filters

79 Series Service Equipment


Red Dot Units Catalog

Backwall Units

Compressor Mount Kits by Application

Condenser Units - Remote Mount

Ductable Units

Headliner Units

Heater Units

Hydraulic A-C Compressor Units

Off-Road Kits Complete

Rooftop Units

Underdash Units

Units Table of Contents


Red Dot Service Manual pdf (3mb)                          Image     




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